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Submitted on
December 2, 2010



Little Update ^^

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 2, 2010, 8:14 AM
Hiya there! ^_^ :heart:

I am working on a little game which should be finsihed by tonight. :aww: But I have also been working on a big game over the past few weeks; however it is going to be launched elsewhere. *w* Hehehe where? Secret, secret. :giggle: You'll see in the next few months. :aww:
OH! Also! :aww: I have now been made a mod at :iconloli-club:!
So all you lolitas out there, get submitting your lolita artwork/outfit photographs! :) :heart:

Speaking of photos; I got my fancy new camera working today- Fujifilm F70EXR!! :camera:
I want to take some cute still-life photos, and when I get better I'll upload some lolita outfit photos too. :floating:

The snow is so thick here, and it's incredibly cold. :snowflake: Too cold to play outside!! ^^; But it's lovely watching the snow fall past the window, and little puffy clouds have even begun to mist over the ocean because of the extreme temperatures.

Hoping you have a nice winter day! :hug:

Lots of love,
Peachie :orange:

Victorian Rose Hime - 03 by IamCharonButterfly by ATOMixArtStardust by SaraNekoChan


My boyfriend, and my best/longtime friends online!


Gift: Nurse Kitty-Chan by Lolly-pop-girl732:thumb186936609::thumb186680473:
Peachie's Nurse Kitty by TheGreedGirlI object to this by ImzyJellybear for Princess-Peachie by PrincessCotton-Candy
Thank you to the sweet and super-kind watchers who made these for me! ^_^

Princess-Peachie gallery artwork and games are copyright Ruth Brain.
DO NOT steal, copy, edit, or redistribute Ruth Brain's artwork and/or games.
Please respect the artists' rights.

Princess-Peachie Stamp by Princess-Peachie Nurse Kitty Stamp by Princess-Peachie

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peanutwitch2 Dec 4, 2010
Snow! Yay, snow!
I love it when it snows!
Actually, it's snowing right now!
Oh cool! :) I wish it would snow over here ;A;
SilentLeona Dec 3, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
I loved your new cute game it's very sweet <33 !! Oww cool snowww :love: hahahahah we don't have snow here only hail :3 but it's still cold !! Congratulations on your camera :D YAY I would love to see some cute photos :3 good luck dear ^^ and keep your self warm inside :3 :hug: !!
^0^ Aww thank you very much! :cuddle:
Darn hail- hail is scary as heck!! :ohnoes: Make sure you don't hurt yourself. XD *huggles*
SilentLeona Dec 4, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome :huggle: !! hahahaha yes I wont go out xDDD I don't want to hurt my head xDD !!
pinkprincess1 Dec 3, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
let it snow!!!
pinkprincess1 Dec 4, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
he he ^^ :aww:
Snow is awesome. You live in England right?
deviantART muro drawingComment Drawing
I live in Scotland actually ! :D What a cute snow bunny. ;o; :heart:
deviantART muro drawingComment Drawing
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