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October 10, 2011
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Sweet Lolita Dreams by Princess-Peachie Sweet Lolita Dreams by Princess-Peachie
After over 5 years of being a lolita fashion wearer (and a lot of games sold) I can say I'm very proud of my wardrobe. :floating: :heart:

A while ago I used to dabble in different styles of lolita, but now I deal strictly with Sweet style in all its pastel glory. :star: I really love how my collection looks less random now, and more sugary in general! :giggle:
I still wear lolita so much that I feel odd in casual clothes. ^^; Haha, I seem to be most confident covered in frills and bows and loaded with puffy petticoats.

Sorry for not uploading much lately!! :hug: I've been studying and meeting up with friends.

There are 29 dresses here, but there are 6 more Classic Lolita-styled dresses offscreen. I keep my blouses, skirts, spare petticoats, wigs and cardigans folded nicely in the big pink box at the top with the bags (hadn't bothered to count how many, but I'm happy with my collection!).
Don't worry, I would never have been able to afford all this over the years had there not been endless sales and cheap alternatives. xD;;
Not shown in this photo is my jewellery desk, bunny and unicorn plush bags, spare bows and parasols- just didn't want too much in the picture this time.

It's a fairly different collection to this photo [link] . I've moved to my own little flat, and I've sold/given away some stuff and bought new things since then.

The photos are copyright Ruth Brain.
Artworks in the background are copyright their respective owners.
Brushes by [link] .
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Please respect the artist's rights.
Thank you!

Inspiration Artwork on the wall:
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that looks a lot like my wardrobe. no joke it really does look like that. i have a lot of lolita dresses XD
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