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February 9, 2009
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Generate your own wacky anime girl! :heart:
(No seriously, I mean wacky :O ;; )

Hopefully this will inspire all you girly manga fans out there if you're stuck creating a new character or series. :giggle:

Approximately 5,376,000 possibilities!

HUGE thank you to :iconoyer:, who despite only taking 5 minutes to code this engine for me, I am in total appreciation for. :hug:
(Look at his own Hobo Generator [link] ! XD)

After discovering this name-generating awesome game ( [link] ), I wanted to have a shot of this myself!
You have no idea how much fun I had writing down about 1000 different cutesy words to use here. XD
This only took about 5 hours to make. :ohnoes:

*My favourite is "Precious Tea Yuki" :aww: *

This game is copyright Ruth Brain. (me! XD)
Thank you again to ~Oyer for writing the engine!
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Winxfairy163 Mar 9, 2014  Student General Artist
My favourites:

WAHOO! Kimono Idol 
Falling Rain Girl 
Angelic Blush Girl 
Fragrant Ballet Schoolgirl 
Huggable Chocolate Kaori 
Precious Cascade Mermaid 
KAWAII! Tea Girl 
Thanks! This'll help me get some great ideas! :D I already found a great one!~
CakeMiner Feb 19, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
YES!! Glitter girl
ShyHetalian Feb 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

Seductive Custard Teacher.....


Saucy Pegasus Mama
Soaring Custard Nurse
Bubbly Lemon Assassin
CLASH! Pogo Stick Princess
Delicious Berry Elf
Silent Bomb Bride (xD)
Delicious Ice Schoolgirl
Frilly Stiletto Gal
Fantastic Melon Mistress
Charging Fluff Fighter
Miniature Microwave Nori
Naughty Game Lass (xD)
Intergalactic Cow Darling
KAWAII! Unicorn Fairy (the best of all xD)
Strong Seizure Collector
Pink Cow Assistant... just, hellz yes...
KAWAII! Happiness Girl 
Perfect Sherbet Schoolgirl 
Majestic Marshmallow Warrior 
Virtual Lamb Inari 
Supersonic Go-Kart Sakura 
Soothing Bumble Bee Cutie 
Pretty Moonlight Tamer 
Calming Sundae Mitsuko 
Level 100 Jupiter Fairy 
Wonderful Pony Fairy 
Colorful Bangles Doll 
Fluffy Salon Pixie 
Bubbly Lemonade Kohana 
Happy Playtime Sweetie 
i looked on google for a generator where you can insert your own list of words and then save them and randomly generate words but couldnt find one do you know of one?
XEmilyBunnyNavarroX Jan 27, 2014  Student General Artist
Majestic Goth Angel <3
XEmilyBunnyNavarroX Jan 27, 2014  Student General Artist
Sexy Rubber Doll xD
Classy Tulip Princess 
Soft Sword Humanoid 
Frozen Go-Kart Bride 
Fluffy Playtime Mai 
Fragrant Venus Schoolgirl 
Troublesome Pie Schoolgirl 
Classy Manicure Elf 
Miniature Mushroom Sorcerress 
Silver Watermelon Tamer 
Cosmic Parlour Ayame 
Multicolored Marsh Enchantress 
Daring Basket Dreamer 
Starry Melody Faerie 
Special Coffee Lolita 
Power-Up Treacle Geisha 
Flying Milk Sweetie 
Spellbinding Uranus Majesty 
Powerful Lazer Angel 
Frozen Kitty Agent 
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